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We are a group of local conservative citizens, who vet and endorse conservative candidates for elections. We promote conservative values, principles and ethics for all of Texas. We support the U.S. Constitution, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Amendments, along with the Rule of Law.   We believe in limited government, term limits and endorse candidates offering accountability and responsibility for the office they are seeking. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to endorse the best conservative candidate and help the candidate get elected to office.  We take in consideration many factors like; voting records, contributions, background checks, education, work experiences, associations, and responses to questionnaires.  We are interested in each candidate's community involvement, volunteer work, charity affiliations, award recognition, and uniqueness that sets them apart from their opponents.  In the event, we may conduct interviews if we feel we need additional information. 

2019 General Election Proposed Constitutional Amendments for the State of Texas

November 5th, 2019 General Election

Proposition 1- AGAINST

Allowing a person to hold more than one office as municipal judge at the same time.

Proposition 2-AGAINST

Allowing TX Water Board to issue bonds up to $200 million (open pocketbook) for economic distressed communities.

Proposition 3-FOR

Allowing a temporary exemption and to reappraise your property after major disaster occurs.

Proposition 4-FOR

To ban future legislation to pass a state income tax without receiving super-majority and voter approval.  

Proposition 5-FOR

Sales tax on sporting goods be dedicated to Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept; along with the Texas Historical Commission.

Proposition 6-AGAINST

Allowing the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to spend more taxpayer money, by increasing the bond to the maximum of $3 billion. 

Proposition 7-AGAINST

Allowing the General Land Commissioner or State Board of Education an open checkbook of $600 million from the current $300 million on whatever needed for school funds without a vote from voters.


Proposition 8-AGAINST

Allowing a new permanent fund for flooding and flood control. 

Proposition 9-FOR

Allowing a tax exemption for those who store precious metals in a state depository. 

Proposition 10-FOR

Allowing retired law enforcement animals to be released to its caretaker.  

Early voting starts October 21-November 1st

Check your local Election office for hours, dates and locations. 

Collin County Oct 21-25th 8am-5pm

October 26: 7am-7pmn Day

October 27: 1pm-6pm

Oct 28th-Nov 1st 7aam-7pm


November 5th 7a.m. -7a.m. 

For polling locations go to Elections @

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